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How to Manage Kitchen Corners Efficiently?

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  • Posted on: 18 December 2014
  • By: admin

We need to understand the kitchen ergonomics to make the optimum space of the kitchen and the corners are very useful part of the kitchen and if used properly can increase the storage space. basically we can use corner spaces in three different ways:

  1. L-Corner   
  2. Blind Corner
  3. Corner Drawer

L-corners can be made accessible by using corner accessories like carousel, it a circular disk which rotates inside the corner .it gives an ease of access for browsing the stuffs lying in the back of the corner by rotation. carousel is available in various materials and sizes but has three different shapes like circular, D-shape and 3/4 circle. There is maximum usage of  space, nothing can fall from it, no hindrence in the way, and more over they are incredible for storing  pots and pans next to the cooking area.


You just need to push the door and  it just rotates into the cabinet, and the attached shelves rotates in the cabinet, hence brings  your stuff right in front of you. No mess  in accessing lower shelf at all. it just needs a minimum of  36" from each wall (without cabinet edge) and takes up 12"  for shutters alongside the face of each cabinet.

The leading brands for these acessories are  Hettich,Hafele and Blum

Similarly the blind corners are the corners which are partially acessible  and partially packed if we see the outer cabinet. It can be used in two ways left blind and right blind.left blind is for the left hand side corners and right blind is for the right hand side corners.the accessories which can be used in such type of corners is either Lemans corner or magic corner.Lemans corner is basically a S-shape disk which is comes out when we open the cabinet.And magic corner is a cubical trays which comes out one by one its in the set of two trays.

The key for long and efficient use of  these inserts is that they should  be from a quality manufacturer. Because when we use them they come out so far that they must have profound  hardware supporting the shelves, and on the other side shelves must be strong enough to hold reasonable weight. Even then there are limited to hold certain weight capacity only. The leading brands for these accessorize are Hettich, Hafele and Blum.

Corner drawers are very unique and trendy concept when we talk about using corner of the kitchen. It's not very common though very convenient to's very clear that drawers are best.But finding  corner solutions are all about  finding limitations and compromise to get the maximum output .

Drawers offer the maximum accessibility and by using 3 or 4 drawers, we can easily make up for less space efficiency over 2-tier solutions.