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Modular Kitchen - The Concept of Modular Kitchens in India

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  • Posted on: 21 November 2014
  • By: admin

Kitchen is an intrinsic part of every house and a place where a lot of time is spent. Kitchen is the place where we cook the food, it has a very long history since ancient ages it has evolved as a very important function of our life. The development in the standard of living and the technology has given us the Modular Kitchen, which not just a place to cook but a luxurious way to cook. As such, it should be designed for convenience and more people are spending money to ensure that this is exclusive, tasteful and fashionable. A modular kitchen combines all these aspects with the ease of functionality.

Modular Kitchen consists of 3 different components cabinet & shutter, appliances and countertop which combines together to form a modular kitchen in India

Design Indian Kitchen.

In a well-planned modular kitchen, a great amount of storage can be shaped even in a small space. Though a little on the luxurious side, a modular kitchen is easy to set up and maintain. Even redecorate work in such a kitchen can be carried out more easily as the individual elements can be replaced without upsetting the other components of the kitchen.

It is easier to map a modular kitchen if we are building a house from scratch, but an active one can also be renovated to modernise it and to go well with our needs. Though we can map it ourselves, it is suitable to take expert opinion. Start by planning the installation points for chimney, cabinets and other equipment, and ultimately, narrow down to the equipment to be used. The best way how we can go about planning the perfect kitchen.

DESIGN: Do not blindly ape the kitchen we see in a showroom. Instead, understand our needs and design our kitchen accordingly. Depending on the space available, we could go for a U-, C- or an L-shaped kitchen.

Design Indian Kitchen

Once we have a basic lawet in place, figure out the electrical points for our chimney, oven, microwave and other electrical appliances. We will also have to identify the spot for our sink because the plumbing will have to be worked accordingly. Once this is done, we can proceed to design the cabinets.

STORAGE: Use the kitchen area intelligently to create maximum storage space. To take advantage of the depth of the kitchen corner, we can have a tall unit installed from floor to ceiling. Elevated cabinets till ceiling are also a good way to create extra space, but in elegant way so it doesn't look cluttered Instead, categorize our storage areas as per our desires. For instance, have a handy pantry in place for each day ingredients, while stuffs being used seldom can be stored at less accessible locations


ACCESSORIES & APPLIANCES: The most common appliances in modular kitchens are ovens with microwave and heat features. We can also install grills that combine a stove top and grill oven. Always install those appliances that suit our needs instead of picking the ones we see in the outlets.

Design Indian Kitchen

MATERIAL: The kind of material we opt for affects the budget of installing the kitchen. Opting for an average quality plywood will considerably lower the price compared with marble or granite. nevertheless, do not opt for a material based exclusively on cost. figure out the effect of moisture, temperature, abrasion and load on the material