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The Problem with Kitchens in India! Why People always keep complaining about their kitchen?

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  • Posted on: 18 December 2014
  • By: admin

There are various problems in the kitchen which we are facing day by day. Getting the ease of access depends on what kind of kitchen that we are using like is it a modular kitchen or a carpenter kitchen. Getting a carpenter kitchen is the biggest problem as it leaves you with lots of pains and irritation which can affect your work. Maintenance of your modular kitchen is very important, if there is some fault or damage in the carpenter kitchen it has to removed and replaced and it takes couple of days that is very difficult as compared to modular kitchen it takes couple of hours to get the job done.

Initially the carpenter kitchen looks very cheap and easy to get it done but in the end it far more expensive than modular kitchen. The finishes of the carpenter kitchen gives you an uneven finish with lots of banging and mess around. Preparing your food also becomes difficult as you have to shift your kitchen. Even After spending so much on your kitchen what you get is the old fashion get kitchen with no innovation or technology. There were days when our kitchen gives us so much of stress the moment we enter but these days it's all fun working there. The ease of work which is being offered by modular kitchen is highly remarkable. Carpenter-made cabinets and gas stoves have been replaced by swankier variants and the modular kitchen is on top of the totem pole. We present the modules for smart storage and interactive systems for you to work.

Modular kitchens installation needs to be done with a great thought and consideration. The most important parts of the kitchen are the stove, sink and fridge.  This is also referred to as the kitchen triangle.  A mistake you do not want is installing any sort of cabinets of furniture which obstructs the path to any of these.

While designing the kitchen cabinets you need to be specific about the items which you plan to store in them.  Generic kitchen storage design will result in cabinets which are incapable of storing specific items which you possess.  Special consideration needs to be given to large items such as food processors and storage bins, to ensure that you can attain maximum utility of your modular kitchen cabinets.

Counter space is extremely important in kitchens; there are a number of items which need to be permanently located on the kitchen counter.  These include items such as microwaves, ovens, toasters and a range of other electronic and non electronic items. In kitchens which have large amounts of walking space; typically open kitchens you can consider installing additional cabinets which provide additional counter space.
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