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Understanding Kitchen Ventilation & Selecting the Correct Kitchen Chimney

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  • Posted on: 23 December 2014
  • By: admin

Modular kitchens can be designed in different ways as a complete kitchen unit, this means that the modular kitchen should accommodate the Chimney, fridge, stove, microwave, oven as well as other utility items which are used on a daily basis. This gives our kitchen additional functionality as well as a tidy kitchen which is easier to clean as well as better to look at. Get more space with a modular kitchen is one of the primary advantages of installing modular kitchens.  These kitchens are customized to maximize functionality and efficiency.

Kitchen chimneys are essential for various reasons like cleanliness, health and hygiene. It does not matter whether the kitchen is small or big ,there may be a problem of fumes and smoke. Hence chimney plays a very important role in keeping the kitchen neat and clean. The fumes which comes out while cooking causes certain stickiness on the cabinets which may cause several health problems. Putting up a chimney in the kitchen keeps the kitchen clean and also removes the odor and fumes efficiently. This appliance is placed just above cook top, as to throw the oil and warm air away from the cooking area. It includes an effective exhaust system that works to create a great suction. It lets you to enjoy cooking in a fresh and odor free environment.

Though there are myriad designs available for this kitchen appliances, some of them are wall mounted kitchen chimney, integrated, island, and hanging and split kitchen chimney. All these models have been designed keeping in mind diverse kitchen requirements, especially the split chimneys that are specially designed for those who can’t stand the noise the motor makes. So in a split chimney the motor is placed outside the kitchen, which greatly reduces the fan noise; making your kitchen both noise less and odorless place to cook and dine.

Two types of chimney technology is commonly used:

  1. Chimney with aluminum cassette filter which includes multi- layered metal based filter, able to retain grease particles.
  2. Baffle filtered chimney is the improved form of aluminum mesh filter. It is quite efficient to separate oil molecules from the emitted smoke. It is more effective than mesh filter and ideal for Indian kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Chimney

Features of good chimney consist of a powerful air suction capacity for deep frying from 800m3/hr. Most of the standard brands like Fiber, Glen, Caff, Sun flame, Siemens provides chimney models with greater air suction capability. Buying a kitchen chimney also requires another consideration, the presence of blower. Usually presence of more blowers assures good and effective service.

Problems associated with chimneys.

  • A major carp that people have with chimneys is that they don’t suck out the smoke completely. This may be because of the chimney is not the right size for the kitchen. Chimneys which works for small kitchens may won’t work as well for larger kitchen and you need to install one which is bigger in dimension and higher suction power.
  • Occasionally the chimney becomes faulty and does not work as well as it does initially. The reason could be gathering of particles within the walls of the chimney. A best way to work overcome this is to regularly clean the chimney or get the servicing done on regular intervals.