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... Stop the Killing Go Veg..

The Design Indian Kitchen is a subsidiary company of 'The Devotional India group', we believe in the dictum of Love All- Serve All. We unconditionally Support Vegetarianism and urge our fellow friends to be a part of this mission. Let us wash the blood off our hands and have a Heart. Animals are our friends, and we’ll not ingest our friends. Say No to Dead Animals

... Choose Life Over Death

It is indeed incredible that human being, makes his refrigerator as a mortuary which dead animals are frozen. And once ingested, he becomes a living carrier of unceremonious dead animals. His stomach is a grave of the dead. How can such a man do good to the world. It must therefore carefully analysed that man is made up of the food he eats. It must be noted that the food we consume becomes blood, the blood becomes muscles and the muscles in turn becomes bones.Hence the meat we ingest becomes an intergral part of our life system. It destroys the purity we are inherited with. The Ingesting of dead animals not only moulds the human beings to behave like animals but also gives people animal diseases.

Have a Heart – Be Kind

... Wash the Blood OFF your hands NOW

The Design Indian Kitchen Company Supports Vegetarianism and we are committed to our Values and Principles.For a healthy mind, body and Overall upbringing of mankind it should be noted that a Vegetarian Diet is only the mantra for overall Well-being. One must ponder that how come the Death of an Animal, who is killed in an environment of extreme torture and pain & who has lived all his life in fear and anxiety – ever give a MAN necessary Energy or Good Health. The Law of karma will surely justify every bite of the sinful platter of Killed Animals. Pain begets only Pain.


... All You need is Love in Your Hearts

Food Must be Pure and Healthy and First Offered to God to remove the impurities of Three Types namely : – of the one who procured the items to prepare it ( it may be the case that one may have stolen or procured through illegitimate the articles of Food), the one who is cooking it ( it is tried and trusted by ancient sages and even the scholars that subtle thoughts of the cook while preparing food are transferred to the one who is consuming it) and the one who is serving the food ( the one who is serving the food might have impure thoughts or may use certain harmful methods to harm the one who has to consume the food.


... Food Must be Pure & Offered to GOD

The Food Prayer as in Bhagwad Gita : – Brahmarpanam Brahma Havir, Brahmagnau Brahmanaahutam, Brahmaiva Tena Ghantavyam, Brahmakarma Samadhina ;Aham Vaishvanaro Bhutva, Praninaam Dehamaashritaha, Pranapana Samayuktah, Pachaamyannam Chaturvidham means : – The act of offering is God, the oblation is God, By God it is offered into the Fire of God, God is That which is to be attained by him who performs action pertaining to God.


... Offering The Food to God makes it Prasad

We Urge our visitors to give this page a thought. Food is intimately connected with our overall well-being. When dead bodies will be consumed, the pure blood would be adulterated with animal blood.Man will lose his power of discrimination and will degrade his status more lower than animals. A non-vegetarian will have bad thoughts and often overpowering animal qualities. He will lose the natural human tendencies which are Love, Mercy & Compassion


... Be Kind, Compassionate & Loving

It is foolish to debate that Vegetarians are low of energy or are not healthy enough folks. It is completely absurd and false,. On the other hand, World’s top rated athletes are Vegetarians. World’s strongest Man Patrik Baboumian is a Vegetarian, India’s renowned Wrestlers are vegetarian. A Vegetarian diet is not only healthy for our body but for our Mind & Soul too. More and More people are suffering from animal based diseases due to consumption of Dead Animals. It has been researched that Animal Meat is the Largest cause of Disease and Death in Humans than any other cause.

See Our Official Page of Sri Satya Sai Baba

Food therefore, must be first offered to God with a prayer as mentioned in the Bhagawat Gita …. The Law of karma also takes its recourse and for every heart beat an Animal sacrifices, . the justice of the Almighty must take place on the destiny of that Human. Give up The Dead, For Death leads to Death. Have a Heart. Love All – Serve All. Save the planet, All is One. God is in every heart and listens to every cry.

Give up the Sinful Platter of Pain

... The Effect of Pain is Pain

Not only does does the Death of animals through torture and extreme pain brings Pain & Misery to Mankind but also it is atrociously unkind and a gruesome to see the suffering of the animals when they are butchered. Indeed a Barbarous act without any fear of sin or aftermaths ?? It must be understood that both the consumer and the killer are responsible for the ghastly acts. The Divine Justice must prevail and it must boomerang and deliver justice to the innocent helpless creatures. This is Truth and Truth is His Word.


... Condemn the Ghastly Killings of Innocent Animals

Hence to Purify the food from the 3 types of impurities,we offer the food to God to purify it and sanctify it so that it may give us Good healthand we may do good deeds through the energy we derived from that Satwik food. The Sacred Scriptures declare ” Annam Bhrama, Raso Vishnu ; Bhokta Deva Maheshwara “. This Prayer must be repeated before every meal and it states ” Food is God ( Bhrama ), God ( Vishnu ) gives it taste, And may Lord ( Shiva ) partake it and sanctify it.


... Sanctified & Sacred Food

(God Responds to the Above Prayer) :- Becoming the life-fire in the bodies of living beings mingling with the subtle breaths, I digest the four kinds of food (which is chewed, which is to be sucked, which is to drink and which is semi solid).

Visit the Vedas Pages for More Prayers

One should not kill a living being, nor cause it to be killed, nor should one incite another to kill. ” Do not injure any being, either strong or weak, in the world.” . “It is more important to prevent animal suffering, rather than sit to contemplate the evils of the universe praying in the company of priests.” – Buddha

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... Believe in Love All - Serve All

... Yes ! You can make a difference Choose Life over Death

Live a Disease Free Life Be a Healthy Vegetarian ©Love All Serve All, We Request the people to Support Vegetarianism & Save themselves as well as the planet.

Go Vegetarian – Forgo The Sinful Platter of Corpse

Now is the Time to Wash the Blood of your Hands. Condemn the Ghastly acts and Do not make your stomach a Graveyard.Visit Our Go-Veg Page

Save Cow – Save Religion

Cows are Celebrated and Worshipped. They are considered as the Second Mother of a Human. Butchering a Cow for ingesting is the worst sin a Man can do. Visit our Save Cow Page.


The Glory of Eternal– Sacred Vedas

Sacred Vedas are the Ancient Spiritual Treasure which are also known as the ‘ Breath of the Divine ‘. Following its teachings, man attains immortality. Visit our Official Vedas page


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